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It's GROUNDBREAKING TIME - Phase 0! Wed, Dec 13th at 10:00am at North Domingo Baca Park 

Join City Councilor Brook Bassan, Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham, and many of our State Legislators (possibly Rep. Marian Matthews, Sen. Mark Moores, Sen. Ivey-Soto, Sen. Hickey, Sen. Mimi Stewart, Rep. Figueora, Rep. Rehm, Rep. Liz Thomson, and many more) and our Citizen advocate group in celebrating the groundbreaking of the long-awaited North Domingo Baca Aquatic Center. This massively popular project has been designed with SIGNIFICANT public input (local community, citywide and statewide input), bipartisan support from all levels of government, and will serve the entire city and state of New Mexico for years to come. -- 

Councilor Bassan is asking for all supporters to attend and remind the City of ABQ and our State leaders how important this project is to Albuquerque and NM Citizens. Arrive early as we expect a sizable turnout. And, let's CELEBRATE this 20+ year overdue project!!!!  


1) We have asked CABQ (in the 9/6/23 City Council meeting) to quickly provide an updated timeline on the Aquatic Center due to their delays. Extreme interest in this project means the City must make this visible to us. We will post it here under the "Schedule" tab once the updated timeline is provided. 

2) We are questioning the VERY HIGH $4.5m price tag CABQ is stating for the retaining wall & ground preparation (Phase 0). The City failed to send out an RFP to various contractors (which could happen with a 7-day turnaround) to get competitive bids on this. Instead, their plan is to use their "on-call contractor" without obtaining any bids. We are asking for a halt to this without an RFP. We do NOT believe Phase 0 should cost us 10% of available project funds. 

3) Citizens citywide are showing up to every single City Council meeting to keep CABQ 100% focused on this project - we cannot let them get distracted, again. (See the 'Speak Up Now' flyer to sign up for the next meeting. You get 2-minutes to speak. Voice your thoughts and passion for this project!)

4) Councilor Bassan keeps going to bat for this project in the City Council chambers and beyond. Invest 30+ minutes to update yourself on the conversations happening in City Council & the citizens speaking out. (Please Note: City Council seems very supportive of this project. So, we are putting pressure on them to keep the Keller Administration focused on this and not allow distraction.)

5) We have made a records request on the funding sources for the Splash Pad recently installed at North Domingo Baca Park. The City Administration broadcast widely on Sept 1 (at the ribbon-cutting and elsewhere) that the Splash Pad was Phase Zero of the Aquatic Center (which it is NOT). This raises concerns that the City may be attempting to tap Aquatic Center funds for the $1 million splash pad. Only $792k was made available for the splash pad in 2019. We want to know where the rest of the funding came from. We do not want to see the City commingling funding for these projects. 

(8/16/23) Distracted CABQ is not prioritizing what Citizens say they WANT: the Aquatic Center (click on this link to see 8/15/23 KOB News investigation)

URGENT UPDATE (7/31/23): 

We are receiving reports that the CABQ Administration has failed to send out the RFP (Requests for Proposal) to construction companies who will bid on the Aquatic Center construction. The RFP should have been sent out many weeks ago as the design phase is now complete. We don't know WHY this is being delayed. But, we do know that the City is losing focus again on a hugely desired project with immense support city- and statewide. It seems the CABQ Administration is much more interested in making another attempt for building the United stadium and also the $80m neon tumbleweed/rail trail (another project to benefit the south side of the City). 

IF YOU WANT THIS POOL, YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION ASAP...because these delays by the CABQ Adminstration are costing this project and taxpayers an estimated $200,000/month as inflation forces prices to rise. 


1) Email CABQ's primary decision-makers: Mayor Keller (TKeller@cabq.gov) and Lawrence Rael (CABQ's COO) (LRael@cabq.gov) and copy ("cc") Parks & Recreation staff (who give advice on the project): Dave Simon Dsimon@cabq.gov , josh@cabq.gov , and Municipal Development staff (who are in charge of the construction): smaden@cabq.gov , patrick@cabq.gov .

2) Sign up to attend the next City Council Meeting - instructions on how to do so are shown on the "Speak Up Now" flyer. Additional meeting details, times and dates can be found by clicking HERE

3) Complain to your zoned State Legislators (each person can find their Representatives AND Senators here). Tell them that CABQ is delaying what they helped to fund: https://www.nmlegis.gov/members/find_my_legislator 

4) Submit your thoughts to the Albuquerque Journal: https://www.abqjournal.com/site/forms/online_services/speakup/

Let everyone you reach out to know that:

The Albuquerque Environmental Review Committee approved this project 9-0 on April 20, 2023. 

Final construction documents have already been developed for RFP release with a 

target ground-breaking date in September 2023. 


This September timeline is now in question due to questionable, unexplained delays by the CABQ Administration. Unsavory rumors are spreading rapidly around the City on why CABQ is delaying sending out this project for bid.

JOIN US and help us get this long-promised Aquatic Center properly designed, fully-funded, and built to serve the City of Albuquerque,  increase the quality of life for New Mexicans and provide Regional Impact!


Read COMMENTS we've received from leaders to citizens


Currently, the northern half of Albuquerque is severely lacking in indoor (year round) AND outdoor public aquatics facilities. Yet, swim is the #1 activity preferred by youth and the #5 activity preferred by adults.  It's time for Albuquerque to address this inequality and significant need, and fulfill it's long-standing promise to it's citizens (of all economic levels).

Our end goal is an aquatic center that serves the community's most pressing needs. Here's what that means & HOW we are working to do that.

Multimillion-dollar public projects often require funding from many sources. Here's HOW we are working to secure full funding. 

Public outreach to citizens and government decision makers is a KEY step in ensuring the aquatic center that gets funded and built will serve the community for decades to come. Here's HOW we are reaching out.  

Plans & documentation help guide large projects like this. You'll find the ones we currently have here. For the original 2005 Master Plan for North Domingo Baca Park, just click HERE.

Public outreach to citizens and government decision makers is a KEY step in ensuring the aquatic center that gets funded and built will serve the community for decades to come. Here's HOW we are reaching out.  

Meetings, events, and deadlines. Oh my! Here you will find many of the key dates you need to know around our working group meetings, City Council meetings, dates for bond ballot voting, public meetings, etc.  We'll try to keep this updated.

Albuquerque is severely underserved when it comes to Aquatics Programs for recreation,  competitive swim, water safety, water sports & therapy. This is MOST true for the north part of the City. Here's how ABQ compares to other Cities. 

Here you will find local news reports on the long promised aquatic center, citizen frustrations, local swim news, and the history of swim in Albuquerque. 

Albuquerque has never before had an Aquatic Center like the one being proposed for North Domingo Baca park. Given the interest of many athletic groups nationwide to train in a beautiful location like Albuquerque, with the more strenuous, high-altitude conditions, a strong revenue opportunity exists through aquatics-centric tourism. 

We'll do our best to share Meeting Notes that any of us attend. If you attend a meeting and took notes, please forward them to us so that we can share them. 


 The planned location for the North Domingo Baca Aquatic Center is the empty dirt lot just to the west of the NDB Multigenerational Center & Gym (7521 Carmel Ave. NE - Corner of Wyoming Blvd NE & Carmel Ave NE).

The location is served by Wyoming bus route #31 (weekdays & weekends).


Email us at: NDBPoolGroup AT  Gmail DOT com