The Albuquerque Environmental Review Committee approved this project 9-0 on April 20, 2023. 

Final construction documents have already been developed for RFP release with a 

target ground-breaking date in September 2023. 


This September timeline is now in question due to questionable, unexplained delays by the CABQ Administration. Unsavory rumors are spreading rapidly around the City on why CABQ is delaying sending out this project for bid.

(9/7/23) IMPORTANT NOTE: The City of Albuquerque has fallen behind on the 8/16/22 Design Schedule shared below. On Sept. 1, Mayor Keller stated to a citizen that he was still waiting on a retaining wall design. Additionally, no RFPs for Phase 0 (building the retaining wall and ground preparations) has yet been sent out. (The $4.5m price stated by the city's "on-call contractor" is extremely high, would consume 10% of the Aquatic Center budget, and raises red flags. So, we are asking the City to urgently send out an RFP with a 7-day turnaround submission deadline.)

In the City Council meeting on 9/6/23, we requested an updated, comprehensive schedule for the public to follow. Once this has been received from CABQ Administration staff, we will post it here.