We are a non-political, citizen group working toward the greater good of Albuquerque through advocacy for an aquatics center in the severely under-served northeast part of the City.


We have come together with the singular objective of getting the first aquatic center/public pool in 50+ years built on the east side of the City of Albuquerque, and located in the ever-growing, severely underserved northern section of the City.

Our group is comprised of former and current competitive swimmers (including senior Olympics & Masters), parents of recreational and competitive swimmers, professionals with construction and engineering backgrounds, leaders of high school swim clubs, individuals with backgrounds in therapeutic swim and needs of disabled swimmers, grant writers, architectural experience, neighborhood board members, and more.

We seek to add more members to our working group to include more neighborhoods, swim clubs, water sports, senior/therapeutic representation, etc. We are also seeking volunteers to help us to better cultivate and spread our message.

Meetings are ONLINE and IN-PERSON

Want to join our Volunteer Advocacy/Working Group?

Email us at:

NDBPoolGroup AT Gmail DOT com